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The Story of an African-American Family Descending From Enslaved People

Like many African-American families in the south, our family has a long history of interactions with the southern slave trade.  The records are somewhat sparse and it makes it somewhat difficult to determine who was or was not an enslaved person in the family. We know that our prime matriarch, Mary Jane Harris Palmore, was the mother of children who's fathers were either slave owners or sons of her owner or both.  We have reason to believe these were forced relationships, but, little exists in the way of documentation to factually support this conclusion. We present this information shown here not to bring shame or anger against any other family members (either deceased or living, including said slave owners/sons).  We present factual information that we have and draw limited conclusions from the factual information that we have verified.

If you are a descendant of Mary Jane Harris Palmore, we hope that you will engage and connect with us as we hope to continue building out our family treewith your help and coming together to meet in real life once again.

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